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John Mitchell’s practice focuses primarily on oil and gas transactions and commercial lending.

John has more than 35 years of experience representing clients in the oil and gas industry. His practice is transactional although in the early years of his career he litigated disputes over farmout agreements, joint operating agreements and other matters.

Representative Experience

  • Representing both sellers and purchasers of producing oil and gas properties in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Colorado, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea
  • Structuring exploration agreements and farmout agreements for wildcat acreage and developed acreage, beginning in the late 70’s with checkerboard farmouts of Piceance Basin acreage to recent farmout/joint exploration agreements, both onshore and Gulf of Mexico
  • Negotiating joint operating agreements among working interest owners for both onshore and offshore properties
  • Representing both landowners, mineral owners and exploration companies in the negotiation and drafting of oil and gas leases, including leases affecting suburban and suburban-edge properties poised for surface development
  • Advising clients forming funds to raise money for acquisition and/or drilling of properties
  • Structuring and drafting the terms of net profits interests to be acquired by tax exempt organizations, such as pension plans and university endowment funds, where UBTI (unrelated business taxable income) is a major concern
  • Representing both lenders and borrowers with respect to reserve based credit facilities 
  • Litigating the terms of a farmout agreement relating to deep gas properties in Wyoming
  • Representing purchasers of oil and gas properties from companies in bankruptcy
  • Representing non-operating working interest owners in the bankruptcy proceeding of an exploration company where unrecorded assignments to the non-operators were challenged by the debtor-in-possession under the “strong arm” clause of the Bankruptcy Code
  • Negotiating and drafting seismic options for exploration companies
  • Negotiating and drafting gas gathering agreements and gas sales agreements for both producers and gathering companies
  • Representing the owners of a major CO2 pipeline and marketing company

For more than 35 years, John Mitchell has represented senior lenders in leveraged buyouts, asset-based lending, oil and gas lending, loans in the health care industry, liquidity facilities as support for publicly traded bonds, workouts and has represented senior creditors in bankruptcy proceedings. He has represented both large money center banks in secured, syndicated credits and smaller asset based lenders providing revolving lines of credit and related term loans secured primarily by accounts, inventory and equipment.

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