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Bart Biggers is the chair of both the Corporate, Commercial Transactions & Outsourcing Practice Group and Airlines Industry Group at Winstead.  For almost two decades, Bart has established a practice that fulfills most all corporate and commercial transactional needs of his clients, including supply chain management, technology, business process outsourcing agreements, cross border transactions, mergers and acquisitions, workouts and corporate restructuring, corporate finance (including public and private securities and other capital markets transactions), corporate governance and other general corporate matters. This experience has led to Bart being named a go-to lawyer by Fortune 100 clients.

Bart is a preeminent attorney in the airline and aviation industry. His airline experience includes advising major international and U.S. domestic airlines on commercial transactions for virtually all functions of the airline business: supply chain, human resources, pilot recruitment, hospitality, travel, loyalty programs, regional operations (insourced and outsourced), fuel, fleet, regulatory, flight-related security, marketing and sales, technology (hardware procurement, content and software licensing, data security and privacy), and other business-process outsourcing transactions, as well as general corporate restructuring matters. This extensive experience in the airline industry is unrivaled worldwide and allows him to offer a strategic perspective that is invaluable to his clients. Bart has applied this perspective and his deep understanding of today’s market to a wide variety of client-driven initiatives and programs, including the development and management of several leading-edge programs.

Bart’s turnaround and workout experience includes the designing, implementing, and executing on the assumption, rejection, and renegotiation of all the agreements for one of the largest and most successful Chapter 11 bankruptcies in U.S. history.  After leading this process for the largest bankruptcy of an airline, there are very few airline transactions that Bart has not seen.

Bart has also worked closely both with business units and in-house counsel of Fortune 500 companies, and has acted as outside general counsel for both public and private companies and worked with private equity and hedge funds.

Bart’s international experience routinely spans the globe and includes representations in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.

Representative Experience

Commercial Transactions and Outsourcing

  • Transactions valuing in excess of $1 billion for the procurement of aircraft interiors equipment and services for a wide range of narrow-body and wide-body fleet mainline and regional types
  • Representation of mainline carriers in connection with the negotiation of regional capacity purchase and code share agreements valuing in excess of $6 billion
  • Transactions relating to the establishment of marketing partnerships with leading companies across a wide range of other industries, design and development of travel booking tools with some of the world’s largest online travel agents, redemption of customer loyalty program awards for travel-related goods and services
  • Representation of leading international airline in procurement of security screening equipment, including innovation security screening lanes, CT and X-ray scanning equipment, explosives-detection equipment and automated biometric document scanners, for use at domestic and international airports and, in certain transactions, negotiation of the transfer of such equipment to the Transportation and Security Administration
  • Transactions related to the marketing and sale of travel products
  • Representation of international airlines and major U.S. based companies in connection with transactions pertaining to the purchase and sale of fuel and fuel-related services, including transportation and pipeline services, terminaling services and into-plane fueling
  • Transactions related to corporate sales
  • Representation of leading international airline in transactions relating to the redemption of customer loyalty program awards for travel-related goods and services
  • Representation of leading international airline in negotiation of agreements with other airlines and third party lounge providers for approximately 90 clubs and partner lounges in both domestic and international locations
  • Represents international and domestic airlines in the development and negotiation of pilot recruitment, mentoring, hiring and other developmental programs with dozens of flight schools, universities and colleges, including flight school financing arrangements to make private student loans available to flight students at certain partner flight schools
  • Transactions related to call centers and payment mechanics
  • Purchases and leases with numerous Fortune 250 and Fortune Global 500 companies of a wide range of aircraft equipment and maintenance services, including fleet hour agreements, line and heavy maintenance services agreements (including for E145, E175 and CRJ700 aircraft as well as engines, landing gear, brakes and APUs), engine lease agreements and equipment purchase agreements (including for engines, flight management systems and other equipment)
  • Transactions with several industry-leading providers involving the purchase of in-flight connectivity and seatback and wireless entertainment services, equipment and maintenance
  • Aircraft sales agreements covering over 200 wide-body and narrow-body mainline and regional aircraft, airframes, propellers and engines, including transactions related to cargo conversion of aircraft
  • Acquisition of engineering integration services in connection with interior reconfiguration of aircraft
  • Procurement of airport security equipment and related agreements with government and regulatory agencies
  • Purchases of new and legacy narrow-body and wide-body aircraft
  • Master services agreements for the outsourcing of various business processes, including:
    • Human resources functions, including benefits and claims administration
    • Consulting services
    • Personnel management, including recruiting, hiring and employee development
    • Aircraft maintenance and modification support services
    • Cargo ground-handling services agreements
    • Facilities management

Special Projects

  • Reorganization of one of the largest U.S. commercial airlines during Chapter 11 bankruptcy, including leading the assumption or rejection of over 50,000 contracts and arrangements, resulting in creditors receiving over 100% return on pre-petition debt and creating the world’s largest airline through the merger with a major competitor
  • Representation of one of the largest U.S. commercial airlines in integration efforts following merger with major competitor, including diligence regarding existing contracts, termination or consolidation of duplicative contracts, negotiation of amendments and new agreements pertaining to expanded services, and preparation of and revisions to new and existing template agreements
  • Representation of leading international airline in GDPR contractual compliance matters, including required contractual amendments; representation included discovery and analysis of all such contracts, preparation of amendments and data processing agreements, and negotiation of the same

General Corporate

  • Equipment-based lending and leasingtransactions
  • General Corporate
  • Equipment-based lending and leasing transactions
  • Representation of U.S. and foreign companies in cross-border transactions
  • Acquisitions and dispositions of both assets and stock of privately and publicly held companies
  • Securities Exchange Act of 1934 reporting disclosures and conducting stockholder meetings
  • NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX compliance and corporate governance matters
  • Public and private equity offerings, asset-based securities offerings, convertible securities offerings, universal shelf offerings and rights offerings
  • Public and private debt offerings (senior and mezzanine), tender offers for public debt, redemptions of public debt
  • Acquisitions of industrial companies
  • Divestitures of industrial and technology companies
  • Divestitures of airlines

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