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Frank Amini is an attorney in Winstead's Intellectual Property Practice Group with substantial experience in patent prosecution, intellectual property licensing, and related intellectual property transactions. 

Patent Prosecution

Frank has written and prosecuted numerous patent applications in various technological areas, including materials science, nanotechnology, biotechnology, the life sciences, and the chemical arts.  Frank's patent prosecution experience has spanned the following areas:

  • Fabrication of various carbon nanomaterials (e.g., carbon nanotubes, graphenes, graphene nanoribbons, graphene oxides, graphene quantum dots, graphene nanoplatelets, etc.);
  • Use of carbon nanomaterials for water and air purification;
  • Use of carbon nanomaterials for imaging, purifying and detecting hydrocarbons;
  • Use of carbon nanomaterials for the delivery of active agents into cells;
  • Use of carbon nanomaterials for the fabrication of energy storage devices;
  • Use of small molecules for chemical detection, imaging, enzyme inhibition, and disease treatment;
  • Use of pharmaceutical compositions and nanoparticles for drug delivery;
  • Development of food additives, food supplements, nutraceuticals, aquaculture feed, and animal feed;
  • Fabrication of inorganic or ceramic compositions (e.g., cement, adhesive materials, conductive materials, electrolytes, etc.) for various purposes.

Intellectual Property Licensing

Frank has drafted and negotiated numerous intellectual property license agreements related to the commercialization of numerous technologies,  including medical diagnostics, medical devices, fluid purification processes, software, and databases.

Intellectual Property Transactions

Frank has also drafted and negotiated numerous agreements related to intellectual property transactions, including master services agreements, consulting services agreements, non-disclosure agreements, facilities use agreements, and asset purchase agreements. 

Additionally, Frank has experience in the following areas of intellectual property law:

  • Preparation of freedom to operate opinions;
  • Rendering opinions regarding patentability and patent infringement;
  • Providing assistance with intellectual property litigation matters, including the review of discovery documents and the preparation of witnesses for depositions;
  • Evaluation of the intellectual property portfolios of various companies and institutions in connection with mergers, acquisitions, lending, and capital investments;
  • Devising intellectual property protection strategies that include the utilization of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

Prior to joining Winstead, Frank was a technical specialist at a Chicago law firm, where he assisted attorneys with the evaluation and management of various patent litigation cases in different technological areas, including pharmaceuticals, bio-therapeutics, medical devices, and mechanical devices. Frank also began his legal studies in Chicago. Prior to that, Frank worked on the development of a novel protein labeling method as a graduate student at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

Frank has also served as a pre-doctoral fellow at the National Institutes of Health, where he conducted research on the role of a novel protein on the regulation of gene expression in mice. In addition, he has research experience in the field of microbial genetics.

Representative Experience

  • Patent Prosecution
  • Intellectual Property Licensing
  • Intellectual Property Transactions

Frank is a contributing writer for Winstead’s Destination Health Law and WinTech blogs.


  • Amini, F. Protein Proximity Labeling Mediated by Genetically Encoded Peptide Tags. 2003. Thesis. The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.
  • Amini, F., Denison, C., Lin, H., Kuo, L., and T. Kodadek. 2003. Quantitative characterization of protein-protein and protein-peptide complexes using oxidative cross-linking and proximity labeling. Chemistry and Biology. 10(11):1115-1127.
  • Amini, F., Kodadek, T., and K. Brown. 2002. Protein affinity labeling mediated by genetically encoded peptide tags. Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 41(2):356-359.
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  • Amini, F. and J. R. Walker. 1997. Characterization of a mutant dnaA-dnaN region that suppresses a temperature sensitive defect in the dnaX gene of Salmonella typhimurium. Proceedings of National Conference on Undergraduate Research. 11:765-768.



Certified Licensing Professional (CLP)

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