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Rafael Rodriguez is a bilingual attorney with significant experience handling complex commercial, real estate, and energy litigation matters for his clients, many of whom are Texas-based businesses and individuals. Rafael, a former Division I college football player, is known for being a relentless and zealous advocate for his clients. He thrives in the courtroom on his feet talking with judges and juries, and he prides himself on dealing with seemingly-difficult opposing counsel, his ability to stay poised under pressure, and his ability to find creative solutions where others see dead-ends. Rafael offices in Fort Worth, but he routinely handles cases throughout North Texas, including Dallas County and other surrounding counties.

Representative Experience

Below is a general overview of Rafael’s representative experience and a list of some of the specific cases that he has handled which highlight the depth and breadth of his experience.

Generally, Rafael has represented clients in pre-suit disputes and litigation involving:

  • Company ownership (e.g., fiduciary duty, derivative, fraud, breach of contract, and alter ego claims)
  • Energy, oil, and gas (e.g., claims related to royalty disputes)
  • Commercial and residential real estate transactions (e.g., lender/debtor disputes)
  • Will and trust contests (e.g., fiduciary, lack of testamentary capacity, undue influence claims)
  • Noncompete agreements (e.g., enforceability and applications for injunctive relief)
  • Bankruptcy adversary proceedings (e.g., fraudulent transfer and alter ego claims)
  • Broker/dealer disputes (e.g., violation of protocol claims and FINRA arbitrations)

Specifically, Rafael has represented:

  • A real estate investment company in a dispute with its lender, where the lender alleged various defaults against the real estate company in an attempt to accelerate a $50,000,000 loan in bad faith to prevent the real estate investment company from selling the subject real property.
  • A real estate development company in a case related to the client’s alleged breach of a promissory note executed in connection with a $5,000,000 tract of raw land. Rafael ultimately obtained a favorable settlement for the client, including an extension of the maturity date of the promissory note and the lender’s waiver of the right reject a potential buyer of the real estate. Rafael subsequently represented the client in the sale of the subject real property.
  • A seller of a mobile crowd-funding company, where the buyer refused to pay all amounts owed to seller under an asset purchase agreement and related promissory notes. Rafael ultimately obtained a favorable settlement for the client, including full payment under the asset purchase agreement and related promissory notes.
  • A Dallas-based office furniture company in a suit by a competitor alleging the client and its new employee were in violation of a noncompete agreement between the client’s new employee and the employee’s former employer. Rafael navigated the case through discovery and obtained an extremely favorable settlement for the client after filing a motion for summary judgment.
  • An insurance company, where an out-of-state insured was threatening a bad-faith lawsuit as a result of the insurance company’s alleged breach of contract. Rafael led a team of out-of-state lawyers in contesting the out-of-state court’s exercise of personal jurisdiction over the client. Rafael was able to negotiate a favorable settlement for the client, which included a full release by the insured of its alleged bad-faith claim against the client.
  • A hotel in a contract case where the client’s predecessor signed an unfair contract with a major airline. Rafael engaged the major airline’s outside counsel in pre-suit negotiations and ultimately secured a walk-away settlement for the client.
  • A former CEO of a mobile application company in an employment dispute, where the client was wrongfully terminated as a result of a coup initiated by new investors. Rafael assisted in obtaining a favorable settlement for the client which resulted in the client owning a significant portion of the company’s stock.
  • A church convention in an alleged sexual molestation case. Rafael obtained summary judgment on behalf of the convention on the grounds that it did not control the church pastor accused of the sexual molestation nor was it aware of the alleged molestation.
  • A large trucking company in a serious personal injury lawsuit, where the trucking company was being sued for personal injuries sustained by the plaintiff as a result of allegedly faulty repairs. The plaintiff was seeking over $1,000,000 in damages.  Immediately after receiving the case, Rafael conducted a thorough and detailed investigation of the accident. As a result, Rafael obtained an early dismissal through summary judgment for the trucking company on the grounds that there was no causal link between the repairs performed by the client and the injuries suffered by the plaintiff.
  • A luxury car dealership in a serious personal injury lawsuit, where the client was being sued for injuries sustained on public property adjacent to the dealership while delivering vehicles to the dealership. Rafael secured deposition testimony that he used to support his motion for summary judgment which led to the complete dismissal of the case.

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