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    At Winstead, we build our firm by actively recruiting outstanding individuals who can learn, grow and excel.  Our long-term goal is to hire, train, develop and retain lawyers who are passionate about contributing—to our clients, our firm and our communities.

    We seek candidates with initiative, maturity, creativity and an eagerness to do great work.  We believe your career satisfaction is critical to the firm’s long-term stability and profitability.  To ensure your fulfillment, we offer numerous opportunities for candidates to learn, lead, advance and succeed both inside the firm and in our communities.  Furthermore, we confirm that the Winstead environment fosters encouragement, support and collaboration.

    We welcome your interest in becoming part of the Winstead team.  Visit the tabs above to explore where our needs and your experience intersect.

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    Kelsey Clements
    Attorney Recruiting

    For inquiries or submissions regarding attorney candidates, please send an email to

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    You may use the wildcard symbol (*) as a root expander.  A search for "anti*" will find not only "anti", but also "anti-trust", "antique", etc.

    Entering two terms together in a search field will behave as though an "OR" is being used.  For example, entering "Antique Motorcars" as a Client Name search will find results with either word in the Client Name.


    AND and OR may be used in a search.  Note: they must be capitalized, e.g., "Project AND Finance." 

    The + and - sign operators may be used.  The + sign indicates that the term immediately following is required, while the - sign indicates to omit results that contain that term. E.g., "+real -estate" says results must have "real" but not "estate".

    To perform an exact phrase search, surround your search phrase with quotation marks.  For example, "Project Finance".

    Searches are not case sensitive.

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