Government Relations

Major companies doing business in Texas rely on Winstead’s government relations team because we understand the critical intersection of business, government and public policy.  Our coverage is top-to-bottom, from helping companies make a smart entry into Central, South or North Texas, having the right bipartisan relationships at the Capitol or administrative agencies and designing the strategies that work, to effectively building the right team and designing your winning approach.

Winstead’s reputation comes both from the deep knowledge and relationships we have, as well as our process experience. We over-prepare, analyzing similar legislation in other states, and building our clients’ cases using research, data, our years of experience and trusted connections. Constantly monitoring trends and legislation that affect our clients before, during and after the legislative session, we course-correct and change direction when necessary.

Having appropriate subject-matter depth is critical to industry executives when their interests are represented. Winstead lawyers are immersed in virtually every vertical that matters to our clients, including every aspect of energy, real estate, environmental, banking and finance, healthcare, transportation and numerous others.

Featured Client Story:  Delaware North Companies Experience

Our client’s opportunity:  Winstead’s Government Relations Practice partners with clients seeking to enter Texas markets by aligning the client’s objectives with a city’s unique culture and goals.  Winstead has been privileged to represent Delaware North Companies (DNC), a global leader in hospitality and food service management based in Buffalo, New York, for the past 21 years.  During this time, Winstead has assisted DNC in achieving significant success, particularly its Travel Hospitality Services subsidiary. Our team, led by Pete Winstead, helped DNC establish a diverse array of local food and beverage concessions at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA). The concept of developing local brands in airports was pioneered by DNC in Austin and it has since become the standard in airport food and beverage concessions. ABIA is one of the top rated origin and destination airports in the country with over 10 million annual passengers in 2013.

Winstead approach and solution:  Winstead helped position DNC to exceed the City of Austin’s goals and requirements. To obtain the support of the staff and city council, our attorneys advised DNC on relevant issues facing the City of Austin and ensured that DNC addressed the city’s goals and objectives relating to the creation of a unique airport environment reflective of the community, job creation for local vendors, and the need for diversity.

Outcome:  ABIA is consistently rated among the top U.S. airports for dining.  With Winstead’s assistance, DNC has over time expanded its role at ABIA to where it is now responsible for generating 80% of the airport’s food and beverage concession revenue.  Our attorneys continue to work with DNC to enhance its concepts and operations at ABIA and by so doing keep it among the leaders in airport innovation by bringing to the airport new and exciting local brands which highlight the uniqueness of the City of Austin.

Snapshot of Government Relations Strengths

Clients who are seeking a strategic ally who is transparent, relentless and committed to changing how business gets done in Texas hire Winstead to help them in the following areas:

  • Appropriations
  • Banking, finance and investment
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Expanding access to healthcare
  • Real estate
  • Taxation
  • Transportation
  • Wind energy
  • Working with local governments

Next Steps

Company executives outside of Texas who want to do business here tell us they wouldn’t hire any other firm to make it happen.  They come back to us time and again.  For a government relations team that always has your best interests at heart and that effectively monitors your issues through the Texas government, call Winstead.

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