Business Divorce

Attorneys in Winstead’s Business Divorce Practice Group represent majority owners and minority investors in successful private companies, who have invested substantial time, effort and, often, large amounts of their capital, in these businesses.  Our Business Divorce Practice Group is made up of attorneys with an unparalleled depth and breadth of experience in handling many different types of conflicts that arise in the Business Divorce context.  As a result, we understand both the legal and business concerns of our clients throughout the process of a Business Divorce.  

Business Divorce disputes take place between business majority owners and minority investors who may be co-founders of the company, family members and/or longtime friends, and as in a personal divorce, the type of conflicts that arise between those holding substantial ownership stakes in private companies can be complex, personal, and highly acrimonious.  Complicating matters further, Texas state laws authorize the formation of different types of business entities, and the laws regarding their governance and operation can differ greatly.  In these emotionally-charged, confrontational situations, the legal counsel, strategic advice and assured guidance provided by the attorneys in the Winstead Business Divorce Practice Group can prove to be invaluable. 

A Business Divorce can become necessary based on a long-held disagreement between business partners, or it may be caused by other factors, including a change in leadership, a decline in the company’s financial performance, or merely from a decision to “go in a different direction.”  In each case, the potential exists for the level of discord to escalate between the business partners to such an extent that it becomes very difficult for them to agree on any pragmatic resolution.  This is, again, where the experience of Winstead’s Business Divorce attorneys plays an important role.  Even when emotions run high, our Business Divorce attorneys focus on calmly and carefully determining our client’s specific business objectives, and then implementing a cost-effective plan designed to optimize the best outcome for the client.  This favorable outcome will be pursued through negotiations for the client in the boardroom or, when necessary, by actively prosecuting claims for the client in litigation or arbitration proceedings. 

Our Business Divorce attorneys are passionate about protecting our clients’ business interests, financial resources and assets, and we also work to mitigate, when possible, the stress that is inherent in any type of business separation.

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