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Broad Capabilities

With a focus on business insight and execution, Winstead attorneys offer a universe of top-notch legal services to global clients that recognize quality and value. We are the experienced and practical choice for:

M&A.  Our M&A practice is run by experienced attorneys representing both public and private companies in connection with mergers, acquisitions, dispositions, joint ventures and corporate reorganizations.

Capital Markets / Corporate Finance.  Winstead attorneys are veterans in helping clients access public capital markets for financings, public debt and equity offerings, and private capital markets for private offerings, secondary offerings and other unique transactions.

Investment Funds.  Winstead advises clients in investment funds of all types, regional, national and international, in all aspects of fund work including fund formation and governance, capital raising, general partners and sponsor structures, and all elements of fund-level and portfolio-level transactions.

Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups.  Winstead is immersed in the start-up community and provides the full suite of legal services for entrepreneurs and start-ups including entity formation, entity structuring, and angel and seed capital investment-related advice.

Corporate Governance.  Winstead takes a business-oriented and conservative approach to advising clients on risk management, best practices and effective corporate governance.

General and Specialized Corporate Work.  We handle specialty contracting matters, including high dollar outsourcing agreements, cross-border transaction strategies, asset leasing and acquisition transactions, among others.

International Transactions.  Winstead brings the same best practices approach to increasingly complex in-bound and out-bound international and cross-border transactions.

Snapshot of Corporate Strengths

With deep experience and business-sensitive rates, Winstead is the right choice for sophisticated corporate legal needs.  Our clients know and like us for our ability to handle all the details of:

  • Private and public company mergers and acquisitions
  • Public and private debt and equity offerings
  • Inbound and outbound cross-border investment
  • Asset purchases involved in reorganization and restructuring
  • Technology-focused deals involving licensing or joint venture arrangements
  • One-off transactions where value-oriented fees and staffing are critical

Next Steps

You will find that all the attorneys of our corporate group bring a natural business sense to transactions.  We know that any deal may have 100 points at issue, but we recognize the 10 that are most critical, and typically use just one or two attorneys for a quick resolution.  Winstead delivers the efficiency the middle market wants.  You’ll trust us, and like having us as your deal advisors.

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