As one of the earliest law firms to realize the potential of nanotechnology, Winstead provides a full-service Nanotechnology practice. Well-established with in-depth resources. Counseling nanoscientists, emerging companies, research universities and Fortune 500 companies.

Winstead's Nanotechnology attorneys and patent agents have represented some of the world’s most renowned nanoscientists, including a Nobel Laureate. Among our legal services customized to the industry’s needs are:

  • Intellectual property protection – patents, copyrights and trademarks
  • IP rights enforcement and defense
  • IP investments
  • Prosecution of patent applications
  • Patent portfolio management
  • Licensing programs and agreements
  • Corporate and business transactions
  • Labor and employment
  • Immigration Business litigation
  • Government contracts and grants
  • Bank, angel and venture capital financing 

Working on issues at the local, regional, national and multinational levels. Helping to pioneer scientific achievement. Structuring and financing of high-growth ventures. Protecting, advancing and commercializing nanotech ideas and inventions.

Our professionals’ disciplinary experience includes the chemical, electrical, biological, mechanical, materials and computer sciences.

Nanotech Industry Experience 

The firm is active in a variety of industry events including Rice Alliance Nanotechnology Venture Forum, nanoTX and Small Times Media/Pennwell NanoCON Conferences. We work with the Richard E. Smalley Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology at Rice University. Other nanotechnology university clients include UT Dallas, University of Arkansas, Texas A&M University and Texas State University.

Winstead’s nanotechnology experience encompasses: 

  • Carbon nanotube synthesis, processing, modification and composites
  • Carbon nanotube spun fibers
  • Dendrimers and their use in drug delivery
  • Nanoparticles and their applications
  • Nanolithography and nanoimprinting
  • Field emission devices
  • Block co-polymers
  • Molecular self-assembly and electronics
  • Scanning probe microscopy
  • Fuel cells
  • Photovoltaic devices 

Applying teamwork and cooperation at all levels, senior IP attorneys work closely with patent agents with advanced degrees. Often we collaborate with Winstead colleagues in the Biotechnology, Intellectual Property and Corporate practices to provide clients comprehensive counsel and coverage. 

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