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Michael Karson is an experienced trial lawyer who helps his clients monetize their patent portfolios and protect their intellectual property rights in federal courts and before the United States International Trade Commission. 

With a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, Mike is adept in distilling and explaining complex technical issues in straightforward terms for judges and juries. It is this skill that contributed to his teams’ successes, including when representing innovative smart electricity meter pioneers.  

Mike was also a member of the team that won a trial verdict against Facebook involving virtual reality technology and associated intellectual property. 

Mike has a depth of technical knowledge in areas such as accelerated erasure coding for data storage in distributed computing systems, 3G, 4G, and now 5G cellular communications technology and equipment, mobile device management, wireless smart electricity metering, industrial cooling equipment, a myriad of data communications technologies, and medical devices, among others. 

Mike’s preparation, attention to detail, and courtroom experience allows him to skillfully prepare cases for successful outcomes, argue at Markman hearings, and question friendly and hostile witnesses at trial. 

Winstead’s unique and nimble model reduces client conflicts and affords Mike, and his team, the opportunity to develop innovative fee arrangements, making him a true partner with his clients.

Mike is the father to three daughters and in what little spare time he has, he enjoys woodworking.

Representative Experience

  • Represented a video game maker in obtaining a large jury verdict in a copyright, trademark, and breach of contract case involving virtual reality technology.
  • Represented a smartphone maker obtaining judgment as a matter of law of non-infringement in patent litigation involving mobile device management.
  • Represented the owner of certain smart electricity metering patents in multidistrict patent litigation; cases resolved shortly before the first trial.
  • Represented a manufacturer of industrial cooling equipment in patent litigation against an industry competitor.
  • Represented an auto manufacturer in patent litigation involving solid film lubricants and engine piston coatings; the court ruled favorably on the vast majority of claim construction issues.
  • Represented a bakery equipment manufacturer in patent litigation relating to equipment for processing bread dough.
  • Represented commercial real estate companies in patent litigation relating to online geographic searching.
  • Represented an entertainment firm in obtaining mandatory preliminary injunction and defeating motions to stay the injunction in a contract dispute regarding distribution of motion pictures; case settled.
  • Represented a leading document imaging manufacturer in patent litigation relating to Ethernet technology; case settled.
  • Defended a smartphone maker and achieved a favorable settlement in connection with a Section 337 Investigation before the International Trade Commission relating to authentication systems in mobile devices.

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