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Shane’s construction law practice has many facets. From drafting and negotiating design, consultant, and construction contracts for the firm’s owner/developer clients across the country to finding efficient resolutions for clients’ construction disputes, Shane is constantly focused on improving client outcomes in construction matters. Whether providing up to the minute advice in a team setting or forging the initial trail, Shane’s experience has been instrumental in a number of various niche areas.

Representative Experience

Real Estate

  • Drafting and negotiating suites of design and construction contracts for large multifamily, commercial, and mixed-use projects in multiple states.
  • Represent multifamily developer in drafting and negotiating design and construction contracts for multiple residential projects with construction costs in excess of $75 million each.
  • Represent large real estate investment and development firm in drafting and negotiating design and construction contracts for various industrial projects ranging from $10 million to over $75 million. 
  • Provide ongoing advice concerning issues arising on active construction projects across the country to a large real estate investment and development firm.
  • Assist in the drafting and negotiation of design and construction contracts for a multi-use sports arena in Nevada.

Healthcare/Life Sciences

  • Draft suite of consulting, design, and construction contracts for large pediatric healthcare system for use on a variety of expansion/modernization facility projects.
  • Prepare project-specific construction contracts for large pediatric hospital system, including contracts for OR/surgery expansion, aesthetic refresh, bioskills laboratory renovation, and construction of a sterile processing department.   
  • Prepare design and construction contracts for multi-project campus construction for major Texas public health system.


  • Drafting and negotiating design and construction contracts for large aerospace manufacturer.
  • Prepare various professional services agreements and construction contracts for major airline client for P3 projects in various states.

Dispute Resolution

  • Assist multiple clients to resolve issues related to change orders, delays/liquidated damages, and defective work, including:
    • Analyzing project documentation;
    • Researching novel legal principles;
    • Preparing discovery requests and responses;
    • Drafting responses to motions for summary judgment and pleadings; and
    • Preparing pre- and post-hearing briefs.
  • Advise aircraft manufacturer to successfully resolve defective work claims, lien claims, and change orders on close out of major construction project.

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