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With many years of experience as a trial lawyer, Steve Schueler brings a unique perspective to both prelitigation counseling and the courtroom.  He knows firsthand the situations that can lead to employment-related claims and lawsuits, and, as a result, effectively counsels clients on drafting employment policies and agreements, conducting employee investigations, terminations and/or other employment-related actions, in a way that will minimize the risk of litigation. He has represented employers in virtually every industry and can quickly understand the unique problems and issues of a wide array of clients.

As an experienced litigator, Steve is an effective advocate and has represented employers in both the courtroom and before administrative agencies. Always keeping the "big picture" in mind, Steve understands that employers are looking for effective business solutions, and that when litigation arises, it needs to be handled promptly, professionally and efficiently.

Representative Experience

  • Non-Compete, Trade Secret and Injunction Litigation: Understanding the need for efficiency and speed in protecting confidential information and trade secrets, Steve has experience in obtaining restraining orders, temporary injunctions and other immediate relief. This experience allows him to move quickly through the procedures, forms and processes necessary to effectively protect confidential information or prevent the violation of a non-compete agreement. He brings these same skills to the dissolution or defense of injunctive actions when that is required.
  • Discrimination Claims: Experience in representing employers in investigating, evaluating, responding to and litigating employment discrimination claims arising under state and federal discrimination laws; including Title VII, Texas Commission on Human Rights Act, Age Discrimination In Employment Act and Americans With Disabilities Act.
  • Wage and Hour Claims: Experience in representing employers in defending both individual and collective-action claims brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act for back pay, overtime and/or misclassification.
  • Employment-Related Agreements (including confidentiality and noncompetition agreements): Extensive experience in drafting and litigating all types of employment agreements, including confidentiality provisions, nonsolicitation and noncompetition agreements, as well as severance and termination programs and agreements.
  • Retaliation Claims: Experience in defending employers from retaliation claims under both federal and state statutes. This includes retaliation claims asserted under Title VII as well as retaliation claims asserted under the Sarbanes Oxley Act, the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the Uniform Services Employment & Re-Employment Rights Act (USERRA) and “Whistle Blower” statutes, involving public employees. Experience also includes that defending retaliation claims under the anti-retaliation provisions of state Workers’ Compensation statutes and state employment statutes.
  • Administrative Claims: Experience in representing employers in administrative actions before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Texas Workforce Commission, in addition to prelitigation counseling.
  • Compliance Issues: Experience in assisting employers in complying with federal and state laws regarding wage and hour issues, and drafting employment manuals and other personnel policies that decrease the risk of liability for employers.

Steve is a contributing writer for Winstead’s Employer Law Resource blog.

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