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Annmarie Chiarello is an associate in Winstead's Business Restructuring/Bankruptcy Practice Group.  Annmarie’s practice focuses primarily on commercial bankruptcy and restructuring matters in numerous industries, including: oil and gas, retail, real estate, and healthcare.  Annmarie also represents parties in bankruptcy-related litigation and appeals.

Annmarie’s experience includes representing and counseling secured lenders, debtors, lessors, landlords, trade creditors, premium finance companies, trustees, and financial institutions in a wide variety of liquidation and reorganization proceedings.

Representative Experience

  • Assisted in the representation of a Chapter 11 Trustee in successful reorganization of collateral loan obligation portfolio manager (N.D. Tex. 18-30264 &18-30265).
  • Local counsel to secured creditor in helicopter oil field services bankruptcy (N.D. Tex. 16-31854).
  • Assisted in the representation of DIP Lender and landlord in a hospital bankruptcy (N.D. Tex. 16-40273).
  • Assisted in the representation of landlord in hospital liquidation (N.D. Tex. 17-32255).
  • Assisted in the representation of Debtor, an aircraft manufacturing company bankruptcy (N.D. 16-30633).
  • Assisted in representing secured creditors in numerous oil and gas bankruptcies (S.D. Tex. 16-33645, W.D. Ok. 16‑11230, E.D. Tex. 15-41607, E.D. Tex. 16-41676, and N.D. Tex. 16-33972).
  • Assisted in the representation of equipment lender in oil field services bankruptcy (N.D. 16-33971).
  • Assisted in the representation of the largest unsecured creditor in helicopter oil field services bankruptcy (N.D. Tex.  16‑34393).
  • Assisted in the representation of equity holder in healthcare bankruptcy and assisted in the appointment of an equity committee, and representation of the same (N.D. Tex. 17-31432).
  • Assisted in the representation of petitioning creditor in successful involuntary bankruptcy (N.D. Tex. 18-30264 and 18‑30265).
  • Represented secured creditors in small business bankruptcies (N.D. Tex. 18-32694, E.D. Tex. 18-42758, and N.D. Tex. 16-30091).
  • Represented secured creditor and trustee in numerous bankruptcy appeals and related litigation.
  • Represented landlords in restaurant bankruptcy cases (N.D. Tex. 17-44346).
  • Represented landlords in retail bankruptcy cases (E.D. Tex. 17-40126).

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