Winstead Move and Redesign Fosters Collaboration, Accommodates Potential Growth


HOUSTON, Dec. 19, 2017, — Winstead PC has relocated its offices to occupy approximately 54,000 square feet on floors 50-52 in JPMorgan Chase Tower. The move, from the firm’s previous home on floors 8-11, employs design elements focused on functionality and flexibility, and includes features to facilitate collaboration. The new design includes a large conference center and offices for 75 attorneys, allowing the firm to grow as much as 15 percent.

“This move is a decrease in total space, but not due to any reduction in headcount,” says Houston managing shareholder, Tom Van Arsdel. “It is the result of reimagining traditional law firm office design. In fact, while we will occupy less square footage, we will still have capacity to increase our lawyer count significantly.”

Winstead’s goal was to create a bright, energetic and healthy environment that would remain relevant and functional for the foreseeable future. The design focuses on promoting teamwork and creating flexible spaces to facilitate collaboration for attorneys and staff.

“It was important for us to balance function and efficiency while creating an appealing, comfortable atmosphere that fostered productivity for our attorneys, staff and clients,” says Winstead Executive Director, Howard Mudrick. “The design renounces the traditional law firm style of closed-off offices, dark hallways, sequestered meeting spaces and repressed light, and creates an open, bright and inspiring environment.”

Creating efficiency of space without sacrificing utility was achieved by rethinking the typical “must haves” for most firms. “Flex” rooms were designed to accommodate storage for large projects and double as collaborative meeting space based on changing needs. Integrating these flex rooms and smaller conference rooms throughout the office space, compensates for decreased conference center space.

Winstead retained lauckgroup to create the blueprint to reimagine the space, incorporating larger, open spaces and limiting isolating architecture.

According to Mudrick, the move also brought on a challenge to the hierarchical system that inherently exists in law firms. “We had to break down some barriers,” he said. “The new office is designed specifically to encourage collaboration and teamwork.” The redesign included numerous collaborative rooms where lawyers can meet more efficiently as a team. “We gave them a more positive environment in which to work together.” Mudrick says. “This is the future for our firm.”

Winstead PC is a national business law firm with more than 325 attorneys. The firm provides a full range of business legal services to some of the most recognized and respected companies across the country and throughout the world. Winstead has offices in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and The Woodlands, Texas and Charlotte, North Carolina. For detailed information about Winstead, visit

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