Real Estate Startup Virtual Half-Day Seminar


On April 18, join Winstead attorneys Trip Dyer, Ben Gehlbach, Daniel Bell-Garcia, Jacob Loehr, Matt Dzura, and Cole Gearhart, along with Whitley Penn Partner Shea Krachek, for our Real Estate Startup half-day virtual seminar. Learn best practices for establishing your company in the real estate industry.  

Date: Tuesday, April 18, 2023
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. CST
Location: Zoom


Winstead Speakers: Trip Dyer, Ben Gehlbach, Daniel Bell-Garcia, Jacob Loehr, Matt Dzura, and Cole Gearhart

Who Should Attend: Professionals interested in real estate development ventures


Our attorneys will participate in sessions including:

Tax Considerations for Real Estate Startup Companies
Winstead attorney Trip Dyer and Partner Shea Kracheck of Whitley Penn will share a summary of federal and state tax considerations for real estate development startup companies. Topics will include choice of entity, flow-through taxation, employment taxes and Texas franchise tax planning.

Presenters: Trip Dyer, Shareholder, Winstead PC; Shea Kracheck, Tax Partner, Whitley Penn


Understanding How Entity Structure, Management and Control Informs Your Exit Strategy
Winstead attorney Ben Gehlbach will discuss how entity formation, as well as the structures with such entity related to management and control, inform exit strategies for “creators”, investors, and early employees, and will discuss considerations important to each, including buy/sell agreements, redemption agreements, SARs, valuation, triggers, vesting, formulas, non-competes, rep and warranty insurance, and holdbacks.

Presenters: Ben Gehlbach, Of Counsel, Winstead PC


Incentive Compensation for Early Employees

Winstead attorneys Daniel Bell-Garcia and Jacob Loehr will discuss reasons for establishing and implementing incentive plans to compensate employees of real estate ventures at the opco or project level, an overview of taxation applicable to limited liability companies and partnerships (the primary entity structures for real estate ventures) which will cover the distinction between profits and equity interests, and an overview of profits interest plans, grants and features to include discussion of technical aspects regarding liquidation thresholds, vesting, redemption and tax issues for recipients.

Presenters: Daniel Bell Garcia, Associate, Winstead PC; Jacob Loehr, Associate, Winstead PC


Building Your Capital Stack for Pursuit and Development/Acquisition of Projects

Winstead attorneys Matt Dzura and Cole Gearhart will discuss the importance of creating a runway of pursuit capital with a third party investor and how to address dead deal costs related to failed acquisitions. In addition, the presenters will discuss strategies for building capital investment raging from GP Co-invest capital to traditional LP equity and common pitfalls in negotiating LOIs and JV agreements with those parties. The presenters will also discuss sourcing debt with a focus on ensuring that the startup has a creditworthy entity to sign guarantees.

Presenters: Matt Dzura, Shareholder, Winstead PC; Cole Gearhart, Shareholder, Winstead PC

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